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March 10, 2021

In our new Vendor Spotlight blog series, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite Annapolis-based event vendors and turning the spotlight back on them. How did they get into the industry? How do they spend their time when not working events? What trends are they excited to see couples explore over the next year?  We’ll have a wide variety of vendors from different backgrounds answer these questions and more.

Looking for a photography team that has a wealth of experience in the industry along with with an easygoing working style that is sure to make you feel more relaxed on the big day? Then Hamilton Photography be the perfect fit for you! Read on to learn about Christina – owner and photographer – and her husband Mark and what makes them unique in the industry!

Hamilton Photography – Christina Hamilton

How did you get into the event industry?

Mark was a young photographer who wanted me, so he moved from Tampa to San Francisco to immerse himself in the second-largest photography community in the United States. The vibrant art scene was intoxicating. Meeting other photographers, spending time in photo labs, and gaining exposure to alternative processes was exactly what he craved. This was the catalyst for his growth as a photographer and desire to achieve more. I was working at the Loyola University Photo Lab and wondering how I could make photography a full-time job, but the corporate world was knowing on my door. After graduating college with a major in marketing and a minor in photography, I moved from my home in Maryland to San Francisco to start a career with a Fortune 500 company. By chance, Mark and I met in the camera shop where he worked. Enamored at the counter, we soon found out we had much in common. We had just moved into town, both were originally from New Jersey, and most importantly, both loved photography. We explored our new eclectic city, traveled the West Coast, and yes…fell in love. After two years of enjoying San Francisco and building a life together, we moved to Baltimore for a job promotion and to be closer to my family. The fresh start on the East Coast presented the perfect opportunity for the two of us to launch our photography business. Mark started shooting weddings and clients loved how his passion for landscape and innovative portrait photography set their wedding photos apart. After a few years, I left the corporate world to work with Mark and brought years of marketing and business knowledge to the table. Our drive and passion for photography and business ignited our company onto the wedding scene, and our growth and momentum haven’t stopped since.

What’s your favorite part of every wedding day?

My favorite part of every wedding day is getting to see the couple’s anticipated vision and meeting the family and friends that are important to their story. Personally, family is the most important part of my life. At a wedding, two families become one, and it’s pure joy. Who wouldn’t enjoy photographing pure joy?!

What should every couple be asking of vendors in your industry when considering booking for an event?

When selecting a photographer, it is important for the couple to get a good feel of the photographer’s work. I highly recommend going to blog posts or reviewing a variety of weddings in depth versus just making a decision off of a few Insta posts. Secondly, you want to make sure you are hiring a photographer that has experience. Hiring a photographer you can trust will take a lot of stress and pressure off of you, and in turn, let you enjoy the big day!

What’s a trend for the upcoming year that you would like to see more couples embrace?

That’s an interesting question right now in early 2021. Over the past year, weddings have become mini-monies (small ceremonies) due to COVID. While we love a grand wedding, the smaller, more intimate weddings have really been special and shown how people overcome obstacles for love.

What’s the most unique client request that you’ve ever had for a wedding or event?

Maybe not unique, but daredevil. We were asked to shoot a couple while they were zipping across the Chesapeake Bay on their boat at sunset. It was quite an adrenaline rush and a bout of balance to stand on the front of the boat and snap photos without falling in the water. Perhaps the most unique editing request would be from a couple that loves “Shark Week.” We photoshopped a “sharknado” in one of their beach images!

What makes you and your business unique?

Mark and I have put a lot of love, sweat, and tears (mostly love!) into Hamilton Photography. Our style and quality of photography is why couples reach out. Our easygoing attitude is why couples connect with us and feel at ease on their wedding day. And our experience is what makes couples feel confident that we are the perfect fit for them.

What’s your favorite thing to do when not working weddings/events?

I enjoy playing tennis and pickleball (honestly, any outdoor activity will do). Mark and I have three children and enjoy spending time as a family. If we aren’t on a sport sideline of some sort, we are enjoying boat rides on the bay, hiking on trails, and pampering our Italian Waterdog, Harper Katy.

How can potential clients best contact you?

We can be contacted several different ways: our website or via email at or phone/text at 410.627.9172. Contact us and we will always be in touch shortly to answer any questions or chat about a client’s needs and wants.

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