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Kaity + Kevin: May 2021

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November 9, 2020

Recently started out on your own wedding planning journey? Been surprised by certain aspects of weddings as well as the stress that planning can cause? Wondering if other engaged couples are experiencing similar ups and downs? Well, you’re definitely not alone!

In our new Current Couple Spotlight series, we’re asking some of our clients who are in the midst of wedding prep about what has been most surprising, most stressful, and most exciting about this process. And hopefully their experiences can help to shed a little light on your own wedding planning. Of course we’ll talk to both partners in each couple separately in order to get the whole story!

Kaity + Kevin – May 2021

How long have you been with your fiancé/e, and how long will you have been engaged on your wedding day?

Kaity: We’ll have been together two years this November, not including a period of dating prior to this. We’ll have been engaged for one year and three months when we’re married.

Kevin: Kaity and I have been together for almost two years. On our wedding day, we’ll have been engaged for 15 months.

Since getting engaged, what has been the biggest surprise to you in regards to the wedding planning process?

Kaity: How hard it can be to get married IN a Catholic church! There are quite a few hurdles to jump over to get approved that I hadn’t considered. Michelle has helped us to contact countless churches to see if we qualify in each.

Kevin: I can’t believe how expensive flowers are.

What aspect of wedding planning have you found to be the most stressful and why?

Kaity: Other than the great Catholic church search, I’ve found the hotel room blocking and the booking of actual rooms to be very stressful. There’s a wedding the Friday before ours at the venue that’s booked ALL of the rooms onsite. So we’ve had to scramble a bit to find arrangements for guests for the rehearsal dinner and spaces for hair and makeup on Saturday morning.

Kevin: The guest list would top my list for most stressful aspects, as well as deciding on wedding parties – how many people to include, who makes the cut, and so on.  

How (if at all) has COVID affected your wedding plans?

Kaity: It hasn’t affected our actual wedding planning process as we were able to get lots done way ahead of time because of the slow down in workload during the lockdown. However, I am getting a little worried that the wedding day in May could be impacted as the pandemic continues on.

Kevin: Since our wedding is next May, it really hasn’t affected our plans so far.

What about your wedding day are you most looking forward to?

Kaity: Finally being able to call Kevin my husband… AHH! Also getting to wear my dress and seeing our plans come to life. There’s so much to look forward to.

Kevin: I’m excited for my entire extended family to finally meet my fiancée.

What advice would you give to a newly engaged couple?

Kaity: See every venue that you like in REAL life. Pictures online are meant to draw you in. And while that white washed brick wall is beautiful with the ivy and string lights in photos, you might not be able to see behind the camera to all the wood paneling and unattractive lighting elsewhere.  

Kevin: It’s not just the bride’s day. Men should speak up and get involved in the planning. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.  

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