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November 16, 2020

Maryland, especially the Annapolis area, is chock full of some of the very best wedding and event vendors in the business. And therefore, the process of selecting the perfect vendor that will best fit your event’s specific needs can be overwhelming. Enter our new Vendor Spotlight series! In this new blog series, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite event vendors and turning the spotlight back on them.

How did they get into the industry? How do they spend their time when not working events? What trends are they excited to see couples explore over the next year? We’ll have local vendors from a wide variety of specialties answer these questions and more. Hopefully a peek into the lives of these industry insiders will help make the search for your wedding team just a bit easier!

C & J Entertainment Agency – Chris Temple

How did you get into the event industry?

My father started the company in the early ‘70’s, and as a pre-teen, I started helping out around the office. As I got into my teenage years, I started having more responsibilities and helped train DJs on equipment, mixing, etc. I eventually started meeting with couples and helping plan their receptions!

What’s your favorite part of every wedding day?

Obviously, I love when the actual party gets going and everyone is on the dance floor celebrating with the bride and groom. Introductions are pretty fun as well.

What should every couple be asking of vendors in your industry when considering booking for an event?

A good start would be how long have they been in the wedding industry – looking for longevity. How many weddings have they done – for experience. How many events per year do they currently do – for sharpness. Whether or not weddings are their specialty – for focus. And most importantly, do they perform more than one event in a day – not a good idea.

What’s a trend for the upcoming year that you would like to see more couples embrace?

Masks becoming fashion statements… I hope not. Also, uplighting, which isn’t new, but I really think it makes most venues look better – especially evening weddings in the fall and winter. Plus, believe it or not, the right lighting promotes more dancing!

What’s the most unique client request that you’ve ever had for a wedding or event?

All of our clients are unique in their own way… but I have had the Oriole Bird and Poe – the Ravens’ mascot at several weddings. That was pretty cool and always fun for the guests. 

What makes you and your business unique?

The time that we take with each couple, from editing songs to helping organize their music requests for each part of the wedding. We really put a lot of work in prior to the wedding, as opposed to just showing up and doing it on the fly!

What’s your favorite thing to do when not working weddings/events?

Golfing, that’s just about it… and listening to non-wedding music – indie rock, ‘90’s punk, etc.

How can potential clients best contact you?

Electronic mail is still the best way! Or maybe a phone call?? 410-551-5025


Special thanks to Leah Rhianne Photography and Jay Moore Photography for the photos!

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